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Empowering Employers By Educating Employees and Contractors


Customizable ProgramsEmpowering Employers By Educating Employess and Contractors

Our programs are cost effective and affordable for employers with a virtual work force. Our programs will show results including:

  • Productivity increases of 5 to 20% for each employee.
  • Decrease in employee absentee rates.
  • Increase employee retention rates and reduce cost associated with recruitment and training.
  • Reduced workers compensation costs and premiums.

Our business education programs and course capabilities are completely customizable to suit your specific needs.

For employers with less than 250 virtual workers, our base program includes a series of six webinar sessions. Each of the first five sessions focus on one critical aspect and the capstone webinar offers panel discussions with 3-4 consultants that each share their unique experiences and solutions with extensive questions and answers. Packages start as low as $90 per employee since we will combine your team with employees or contractors from other companies to achieve optimum class size.

For employers with more than 250 virtual workers, our webinar series is completely customizable to suit your specific needs and your employee base. Employers may specify which topics should be addressed during the webinar series. All written and presentation materials will feature your company name and branding. Cost can be as low as $5 per employee per webinar.

Scheduling is limited for our business education programs, so please do not hesitate to contact us today to reserve specific dates and times or to schedule a conference call with Melissa Rich-Landis.