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Ongoing Training Programs & SupportOngoing Training Programs and Support

After your staff has completed the initial webinar series including the five critical aspects, there are progressive steps that the employer can provide to instill positive changes within the workforce.

Additional options include:

New employee orientation: As you hire new employees,orientation should include the webinar series. We can offer a new series to recently hired employees on a monthly or quarterly basis – depending upon your needs. Many employers require that all training is completed within the 90 day trial period.

Intervention: After you have provided your employees with the tools and training to succeed from a home office, we highly recommend that your progressive disciplinary policies provide interventions with an outside party. For example, if an employee receives a written warning regarding absenteeism, the employer may opt to provide a webinar with those employees to further address the problems they are encountering. For example, a one hour session with our instructor for employees with excessive absences could provide the reinforcement they need to make positive changes. This service is available within three business days and all sessions must include at least five employees. Intervention may result in decreasing employee replacement costs, by reinforcing previously discussed skills within valuable employees or contractors.

Monthly education program
: You may request new webinar topics as the needs arise. If you notice that negative patterns are developing within your employee base as a whole, a monthly webinar could prevent the negative progression that could thwart productivity.

Employee newsletters: Your employer newsletter is a highly cost effective method to provide your employees with new tips, tactics, and techniques. We can provide newsletter articles at no charge – depending upon the scope and size of the program.

Toll-free employee support hotline: Encourage your employees to take corrective action when they are experiencing problems. Our toll free employee hotline provides a valuable resource for employees to find information, but more importantly, allows your employees to find solutions for problems due to improper home office environments.

We also provide customized programs and can to meet your specific needs – so that we can specifically address topics that are most relevant to you and your business.

Scheduling is limited, so please do not hesitate to contact us today to reserve specific dates and times.