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Webinar & Course CapabilitiesWebinar and Course Capabilities - How to handle Home Deductions

Our webinar courses are designed to provide the optimum online learning experience for our students using a condensed time table. We have designed our programs, so that we can handle every aspect of the training program, so that you can focus on your core business.

SCHEDULING: We can offer multiple webinar dates and times to accommodate your team – without interfering with their work schedules. Webinars can be offered in the mornings, evenings, and weekends. Our webinars include an online presentation with audio and video viewed through the Internet and all webinars are supplemented with a toll free dial number.

CLASS SIZE: We highly recommend limiting the class size to 25 to 50 employees, but can accommodate larger groups as needed. We have found that smaller class sizes result in greater interaction during the question and answer section.

DURATION: We recommend a six week webinar series with each employee attending one webinar per week. Typically, we will dedicate each week to one critical aspect with the final session including an online panel discussion with 3-4 additional consultants to relate their personal strategies and answer questions from your team.
INVITATIONS: We will handle all invites directly via email - where your employees can select the sessions that best suits their personal schedule. We will never use your employees’ email address for any other purpose. Alternatively, we can provide information directly to you if you would rather handle invites.

REPORTS: We will also provide written reports regarding the attendance of each webinar series, but will not disclose specific questions asked by your employees – in order to encourage a higher level of interaction and discussion.

CERTIFICATES: Upon successful completion of training, we will provide each student with a certificate to reward each employee for their participation.

WEBINAR MATERIALS: Most webinars are delivered through online slide show presentations. We can also provide written materials and PDFs to re-enforce specific concepts. Webinars can also incorporate your company logo and branding.

CUSTOMIZABLE WORKBOOK: For companies with a larger number of employees, we can provide customized workbooks for your employees to complete written exercises that will allow them to locate problems and find solutions. Workbooks are available to groups of 250 or more employees.

To continually re-enforce course concepts, we highly recommend our ongoing training and support programs.

If you would like to schedule a conference call with our instructor, please do not hesitate to contact us today!